Saturday, July 14, 2007

Parish Priests: What resources do you need to implement Summorum Pontificum?

In the past few days, I've been contacted by a few parish priests, pastors in typical parishes. This has come from England to the United States.

So far, I've been asked for two resources:

1. A slow and audible recording of ecclesiastical Latin, particularly of the Mass, for a priest wanting to learn to say the extraordinary Roman rite. (There is such freely available, but not yet in a format that can be easily transmitted online. If someone knows how I can do that, I can make that resource available almost immediately).

2. A resource list of the specific liturgical books that can now be used for the Mass (obviously the 1962 Missale Romanum), the Breviarum, the Rituale Romanum, as well as information on where they can be purchased.

This gives a good example of what some parish priests are asking for help and guidance with. This tells me as well that it would be fruitful if the NLM were to create a "Summorum Pontificum Resource Page' of sorts.

To that end, I want to put it out there to our priests: what other resources would be helpful in this regard?

Also, does anyone have a high bandwith area that MP3's could be put up on?

For example: where the purchase maniples or other vestments you may not have in your own sets? Altar Cards?

What are your needs? What do you, as parish priests interested in implementing this, see as the needs that we can help make easier for you to find?

And to everyone else, if you know of existing resources, or would be willing, for example, to spend the time to make available freely printable and dignified altar cards and such that a priest could use, this would be very helpful as well.

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