Thursday, July 26, 2007

Watts and Co. London

I'm not certain why, other than the fact that I enjoy the liturgical arts generally, but I found myself looking through the selections of vestments over at Watts and Co..

They have some lovely items, including this vestment and apparelled amice you can purchase, which looks very similiar to the one Archbishop Burke wore for his enthronement.

This use of fleur-de-lys for the y-orphrey material is something I've always found quite stunning, along with the rich, deep colours employed. I'd like to see it become more common generally.

It is pleasing to see altar frontals and the like available as well. The company also offers "a unique collection of authentic 19th century textiles designed by the company’s founders G.F. Bodley, Thomas Garner and George Gilbert Scott the Younger together with designs by A.W.N. Pugin and Sir Ninian Comper."

For the parish that has funds, or intends to fundraise, to re-enchant its altar, its sanctuary and what is available in its sacristy closet, this is yet one more good place to turn.

Beyond that, it is also at very least a place from which to gain ideas that then might be made by others, either in your parish, or independent artisans.

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