Tuesday, July 31, 2007

LMS Training at Merton, and a Tour Oxford's chapels, halls and gardens

I was looking up information on the upcoming training conference in the usus antiquior that the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales is putting on in the same location as last year's CIEL colloquium, Merton College, Oxford (see details on the training here and for a little nostalgia's sake, see a clip of Solemn Vespers in that same chapel from the CIEL Conference this past Autumn). While so doing, I happened across this very wonderful Virtual Tour of Oxford University and its various colleges (including Merton) all in 360 degrees -- including some spaces one normally wouldn't see.

While I can attest that nothing replaces the experience of being there, it certainly gives you a lovely view of the various chapels, halls, gardens and the like of the university and makes the "city of dreaming spires" (as it is called) come alive moreso than still pictures can ever hope to.

I believe many of you here will be interested in it, if not academically, then certainly architecturally.

Back to the training conference, the NLM hopes to be able to provide some sort of report of the event. It should be a training session of the highest calibre based upon who I know will be there.

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