Monday, July 30, 2007

Old rite wins new Mass appeal - The Washington Times

The following story appeared in today's Washington Times: Old rite wins new Mass appeal

Some of the excerpts of this story speak to the demand for training resources for the usus antiquior, which of course tells me that I further need to find and make the tmie here on the NLM to make such available as well.

Here are those excerpts:

"Monsignor Michael Schmitz, vicar-general of the Florence, Italy-based Institute of Christ the King, said he has received hundreds of calls from interested clergy."

"Neal Kotlarek, manager of the Catholic bookstore near the Archdiocese of Detroit headquarters, is ordering reproductions [of a Mass training video] by the case. "Usually, I just carry a few copies," he said."

"Maureen Williamson, a manager at the Fort Collins, Colo.-based Roman Catholic Books, said 200 copies of its $155 deluxe edition priest's altar missal sold within two weeks of the papal announcement. She typically sells 20 to 35 a month. "We're projecting we are going to sell more than 700 by the end of the year," she said. "Now that this Mass is able to be said by anyone at any time, priests and parishes have been ordering it."

In this vein, I know of another bookseller who had made available training resources for priests and they sold out of thousands of these in short order and had to put in place another run, demand was go great.

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