Tuesday, July 24, 2007

O Esca Viatorum

Our Schola has been captivated by this beautiful hymn for sometime, as a model of a postcommunion motet. A schola member has typeset both the original version by Heinrich Isaac (1450-1517) (download here) and the redone version by J.S. Bach. Which version do we like better? Depends on the week!

O Food of travellers, angels' Bread,
Manna wherewith the blest are fed,
Come nigh, and with Thy sweetness fill
The hungry hearts that seek Thee still.

O fount of love, O well unpriced,
Outpouring from the heart of Christ,
Give us to drink of very Thee,
And all we pray shall answered be.

And bring us to that time and place
When this Thy dear and veiled face
Blissful and glorious shall be seen -
Ah Jesus, with no veil between.

The Fall issue of Sacred Music will feature a nice article on the original and development of this piece in the history of Catholic hymnody.

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