Thursday, May 18, 2006

A tale of two rumours; and a comparison

By now, most are familiar with the rumour that arose about a loosening up on condoms with regards AIDS cases. This rumour had its supporters in the media, including, I believe, by a certain reporter of a well known dissenting publication who had denied the plausibiilty of the rumours about the universalization of the classical liturgy.

However, not too long after that particular condom rumour arose, we have heard, and still hear such clarifications as these from Rome: Catholic World News: No new statement on condoms likely, Vatican expert says.

What is interesting is that with regards the liturgy rumour we have never really heard similiar level denials or Vatican clarifications regarding the question of a "universal indult" or "liberalizing of the Tridentine Mass". That may mean nothing, but it also may mean quite a bit.

But just in case anyone has forgotten about it, or written it off, I wanted to remind you that its still floating out there. And I want everyone to know, that while nothing much is being posted or written about this, either here or elsewhere, that indeed, under the surface, word still has it that something important is expected at some point in the coming months.

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