Saturday, May 13, 2006

Christendom Review

Some of you may be interested in a new blog I am co-hosting with a friend; it's called Christendom Review.

(Don't worry folks, my main focus is going to still be over here at the NLM. This is a side-interest for me, that will occasionally allow me to express some of my other interests.)

Basically this blog will focus upon broader Catholic culture. It will focus on the authors of the Catholic literary revival (Chesterton and Belloc for example), upon the likes of John Henry Cardinal Newman, Christopher Dawson.

It will focus on Catholic philosophy, be it that of St. Thomas Aquinas, or upon the Platonic and Aristotelian tradition that came before it, Josef Pieper, Etienne Gilson.

It will focus on economic issues in the vein of the distributists.

It will focus on the patristic and monastic tradition.

It will focus on the great classics of literature in the vein of the classical liberal arts curriculum and the great books.

You get the idea I hope.

I'm not sure how quickly it will get off, and it may not have posts everyday, but please check it out and keep checking in. (I'm still tweaking some of the features on the blog that I know don't display properly, and I'm hopeful to add some links, etc.)

Christendom Review --
Shawn Tribe and Philip Prins

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