Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Announcing the Albert the Great Summer Program in Madison, WI, July 27-31

The Albertus Magnus Center for Scholastic Studies is offering a summer study program on St. Thomas Aquinas's Treatise on Faith from the Secunda Secundae of the Summa Theologiae. The location is Madison, Wisconsin, and the dates are July 27-31, 2020. In this Covid-19 world, it is a relief to know that some worthwhile social and ecclesial activities are getting underway again. The course will be accompanied by Traditional Latin Masses.

“Without Faith It Is Impossible To Please God” (Hebrews 11:6)
St. Thomas’ Treatise on Faith
The St. Albert the Great Center for Scholastic Studies will hold one of its annual summer theology sessions for the first time this year in Madison, Wisconsin, at the St. Paul University Catholic Center on the Campus of the University of Wisconsin. This program will be focused on a close reading of St. Thomas Aquinas’s treatise on the virtue of faith in his Summa Theologiae II-II.

The daily academic schedule will include lectures and discussion-style seminars. The seminars focus on a detailed reading of the great texts of the theological tradition, the aim of which is to arrive at a deeper knowledge of truth through a collaborative work of reasoned dialogue. The lectures provide an opportunity for certain topics that arise out of the reading to be explored in greater depth. One of the highlights of the course is the formal scholastic disputation to be held at the conclusion of the program.

In addition to the academic program, there will also be ample opportunity to participate in the rich liturgical life of St. Paul’s. Daily Mass will be available in the usus antiquior (‘extraordinary form’) of the Roman Rite. For our aim is not merely to study the sacred Scriptures but to contemplate the divine mysteries of the faith. Taking St. Thomas as our model both in study and in prayer, our studies draw their life from the sacred liturgy of the Church.

More details, including the profiles of the five faculty members, may be found here

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