Thursday, June 18, 2020

Photopost Request: Corpus Christi 2020

Given the current situation with quarantine restrictions, we haven’t had any of our regular photoposts for major feasts since Candlemas. However, I have seen quite a few photos of Corpus Christi liturgies on social media recently, and we have already received two spontaneous submissions, so let’s go ahead and see what happens. If you have photos you would like to share of your Corpus Christi Masses and processions, whether in the OF, EF or Ordinariate Rite, please send them to; please remember to include the name and location of the church, and any other information you think important. We will also be glad to include photos of other recent events, such as the feast of the Sacred Heart, which is celebrated tomorrow, first Masses of newly ordained priests, etc. Time to get back to the good work of evangelizing through beauty!

In these requests, we always include a few photos from the previous year’s series; last year, we had a huge number of submissions for Corpus, and got up to five different posts for the very first time. The process of selecting them is always kind of painful, since we get far more beautiful photos than we can realistically hope to publish, and no selection will really do them justice.

From the first post, the procession at Chavagnes International College in Chavagnes-en-Paillers, France (led by a tunicled acolyte!)
From the second post, decorative carpets of dyed sawdust on the route of the procession at Holy Martyrs Catholic Church in Tarentum, Pennsylvania.
From the third post, one of our favorite photographers, Mr Arrys Ortañez, captures the Empire State Building behind the procession from Holy Innocents in New York City. 
From the fourth post, a station for Benediction during the procession from Old St Patrick’s Oratory, the Institute of Christ the King’s church in Kansas City, Missouri.
From the fifth post, the procession from Trinità dei Pellegrini, the FSSP church in Rome, leaves Santa Maria della Quercia, the first of the two churches where it stopped for Benediction. The bier with the Blessed Sacrament is carried by four priests, and the canopy by members of the church’s confraternity.

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