Wednesday, June 17, 2020

A Special Offer from the Monastère Saint Benoît on Table Blessing Booklets

The Monastère Saint Benoît in La Garde-Freinet, France (diocese of Fréjus-Toulon), will soon be moving into a new permanent home during the summer, a medieval commandery in the town of Brignoles. In preparation for the move, they need to reduce their stock of Benedictiones Mensæ, their 2019 publication of the traditional prayers before and after meals for each day, including all of the proper prayers for the greater feasts and their octaves, in Latin, and newly typeset with their proper Gregorian chant.

Accordingly, the price has now been reduced by approximately 50%, from €4,95 per copy to €2,50 per copy (hitherto the wholesale amount for purchases of 100 or more copies). This offer lasts up to and including the feast of Saint Benedict, July 11th.

For convenience, one may use the PayPal button on their website to order:

It has been set up to allow for ordering the maximum number of booklets in the relevant postage band. The postage price is the same for all countries outside of France.

1 copy: €5,50 including postage worldwide
​4 copies: €17,50 including postage worldwide
8 copies: €31,95 including postage worldwide
18 copies: €65,00 including postage worldwide

To order in France, or to order different quantities, please contact the monastery with the number of booklets required, and they will send a PayPal invoice including the relevant postage charge: The booklets will be despatched as quickly as possible.

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