Thursday, June 25, 2020

Corpus Christi Photopost 2020 (Part 2)

Our second Corpus Christi photopost starts with something quite interesting from the church of St John Cantius in Chicago, and also includes some photos from another one of our favorite photographers, Mt Arrys Ortañez. Thanks once again to everyone who sent these in!

St John Cantius – Chicago, Illinois
The church steps are decorated for Corpus Christi with an image which is projected onto them...
and the projection used as a guideline for the painters - very clever!
First altar
Second altar
Third altar
Fourth altar
Church of St Mary – Providence, Rhode Island (FSSP)
First altar
second altar
Final benediction at the church
Holy Martyrs of Engand and Wales – Murrieta, California
Ordinariate Rite according to Divine Worship: The Missal
Shrine of Our Lady of Loreto – Římov, Czech Republic (FSSP)
St Eugène – Paris, France
Courtesy of the Schola Sainte-Cécile
Holy Innocents – New York City
External Solemnity of the Sacred Heart (Courtesy of Mr Arrys Ortañez)
A newly restored statue of the Sacred Heart
Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane – London, England
40 Hours and Procession

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