Tuesday, June 23, 2020

An Embroidered Chalice Pall in the Style of the St Albans Psalter

A student from Pontifex University’s Master of Sacred Arts program, Kathryn Laffrey, has just sent me this example of her work, a design created to decorate a chalice pall. It is based on an image in the St Albans Psalter, which was produced in the 12th century in a late Romanesque / early Gothic style for the Abbey of St Albans in southern England. Kathryn’s image is approx. 5”x5”, the pall will be 6.5” x 6.5”

The embroidered image on the chalice pall
The original in the St Albans Psalter
I asked about the inscription and this is what she told me.
The inscription is Confitemini Domino, the opening phrase of Psalm 105 (Give praise to the LORD) in Latin. At first, I choose this to pay tribute to the initial “C” inspiration from the St Albans Psalter, also for Ps 105. But after reading through the psalm a few times it spoke strongly of God’s saving power and it made me think of our “source and summit”. I was greatly missing the Eucharistic presence during this time of “lockdown” and this helped me to see Him right here, with me.
Traditionally, chalice palls are given as gifts to priests to celebrate ordination or anniversaries of ordination. Anyone who wishes to contact Kathryn about this can do so at thelaffreys@charter.net.

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