Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Troped Kyrie on the Feast of the Holy Trinity

Sung by our friends of the Schola Sainte-Cécile at the church of Saint-Eugène in Paris this past Sunday.

Kyrie, fons bonitatis, Pater ingenite, a quo bona cuncta procedunt, eleison. --- (source of goodness, unbegotten Father, from whom all good things come forth)
Kyrie, qui pati Natum mundi pro crimine, ipsum ut salvaret, misisti, eleison. --- (who sent Thy Son to suffer for the sin of the world, that He might save it)
Kyrie, qui septiformis das dona Pneumatis, a quo caelum, terra replentur, eleison. --- (who givest the gift of the sevenfold Spirit, by whom the heaven and earth are filled)
Christe, unice Dei Patris genite, quem de Virgine nasciturum mundo mirifice sancti praedixerunt Prophetae, eleison. --- (only begotten of God the Father, whom the holy Prophets foretold would be wonderously born into the world of the Virgin)
Christe hagie, caeli compos regiae, melos gloriae cui semper astans pro numine Angelorum decantat apex, eleison. --- (Holy one, Lord of the kingdom of heaven, to whom the highest Angels sing the song of glory as they stand forever before the Godhead)
Christe, caelitus adsis nostris precibus, pronis mentibus quem in terris devote colimus; ad te, pie Jesu, clamamus, eleison. --- (from heaven be present to our prayers, whom we devoutly worship in earth, our minds turned toward Thee; to Thee, holy Jesus we cry out)

Kyrie, Spiritus alme, cohaerens Patri Natoque, unius usiae consistendo, flans ab utroque, eleison. --- (kindly Spirit, united to the Father and Son, consisting of one essence, proceding from both)
Kyrie, qui baptizato in Jordanis unda Christo, effulgens specie columbina apparuisti, eleison. --- (who, when Christ was baptized in the waters of the Jordan, appeared in brightness in the form of a dove)
Kyrie, ignis divine, pectora nostra succende, ut digni pariter decantare possimus semper, eleison. --- (divine fire, enkindle our hearts, that we may always be able to sing with the same worthiness)

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