Thursday, May 10, 2018

Pictures of a Pontifical Requiem in Nebraska

Thanks to Mr Jacob Bauer for providing these photos and description of a Pontifical Requiem celebrated last month at the Univ. Nebraska-Lincoln Newman Center.

On April 17 in Lincoln, Nebraska, His Excellency Bishop Robert Finn celebrated a Pontifical Requiem Mass at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Newman Center, for the university’s Venerable Sheen Society, a group of young adult followers of the traditional Latin Mass. Fr. Josef Bisig, founder and first superior general of the Fraternity of St Peter, served as the Assistant Priest. Eight students from UNL learned how to serve Pontifical Mass, while the Knights of the Holy Eucharist, founded by Mother Angelica and originally from Alabama, served as torch-bearers.

The catafalque was built by two UNL students; the stain and trim were specifically manufactured to match the interior of the chapel.
For the liturgical music, the schola from the FSSP’s Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary teamed up with a small group of UNL students for the Mass chants and polyphony. Speaking on behalf of many that were present, the Requiem chants were sung in a particularly beautiful way by the FSSP seminarians; no surprise, given their recent Requiem album, which was released in May 2017, and rode the top of the classical charts for 13 straight weeks.

Fr Justin Wylie, originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, preached at the Mass; his sermon can be found here. “Indeed, what more efficacious thing can one do for one’s loved ones—and indeed, even for one’s enemies—than to than to lay down one’s life; in this case, the same life-offering of our Savior, Jesus Christ? For that is was is offered to the Father at such a Mass—the irresistible offering, perfect atonement, sufficient satisfaction for any and all the world’s sins. You can do no greater thing for anyone, anywhere, ever, than this.”

At the absolution.

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