Friday, May 25, 2018

FSSP Ordinations Tomorrow - Live-Streaming Available

Tomorrow, ten men from the FSSP’s American seminary, which is dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe, will be ordained to the priesthood at the Cathedral of St Cecilia in Omaha, Nebraska, by His Excellency Alexander Sample, Archbishop of Portland. The Mass will be that of the Ember Saturday of Pentecost, which is a very beautiful Mass, and a very appropriate choice, since the Ember Saturdays were particularly designed for ordination rites. It is also the feast of St Philip Neri, one of the finest Saintly models and patrons for all priests. The traditional ceremony for the rite of priestly ordination is an extraordinarily beautiful thing, well worth your time, even if you can only catch a part of it.

If you can’t be there in person, you can watch the live webcast at LiveMass, either through the website here or the iMass app, with commentary by Fr. Robert Fromageot, FSSP. The ceremonies begin at 10 a.m. Central, (11 a.m. Eastern, 8 a.m. Pacific.)

From this post last year of the FSSP ordinations celebrated by Cardinal Burke; reproduced with permission.

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