Sunday, December 11, 2016

Norcia 2017 Calendar Available for Free Download

Of the many excellent options out there for traditional Catholic calendars (either EF exclusive or EF & OF combined), the Norcia wall calendar has become my favorite. This is not simply due to my being an oblate of the monastery, although I can't deny that that's a part of its appeal, but has to do with the meditative quality of the photos and the easy-to-follow layout, which works well for me as a choir and schola director who leads music for both forms of the Roman Rite. There are very few bi-formal wall calendars out there (Cantius is the only other one I know of, but readers could correct me in the combox if there are others.)

The monks of Norcia have made a beautiful calendar for 2017, but due to the upheavals, they will not be publishing it in paper form. It is available for free download here.

(It can be printed in a number of ways, but if you have access to 11"x17" paper, it prints nicely on that size.)

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