Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gaudete and Rorate Photopost (Part 1) - Zeal for Catholic Tradition

The response to our request for photos of Gaudete Sunday liturgies and Rorate Masses has been really remarkable, much greater than it was last year, and there are enough that we will make at least two posts of them, possibly three. If you sent photos in, but don’t see them here, know that they will definitely be posted, and that we are very grateful for your submissions. (I put them up in the order they are received.)

I think it important for us to briefly consider something about this. Rose vestments are not just optional, but can only be used twice a year, while Rorate Masses are entirely optional. It should be an encouragement to us all to see how many Catholics are not just letting these things drop as unimportant or inessential, but rather, positively encouraging and promoting them as part of our tradition and heritage; not asking “Why was not this vestment sold for three hundred pence, and given to the poor?”, getting up extra early for Mass before sunrise. So thank you all also for your good example - evangelize through beauty!

Mater Ecclesiae - Berlin, New Jersey

St Stephen - Portland, Oregon

Christ the King - Gothenberg, Sweden

St Mary - Kalamazoo, Michigan

The first three photos are of the OF, the second three of the EF; the chasuble was made by a parishioner and ‘debuted’ at these Masses

Holy Innocents - New York City
(Every year, we have at least one example of a rose-colored chasuble which seems like it is of a different color because of the camera.)

Co-cathedral of St Joseph - Burlington, Vermont

Mary, Mother of God - Washington, D.C.

St Eugene Cathedral - Santa Rosa, California
(sanctuary under construction...)

Mater Dei Latin Mass Parish - Irving, Texas (FSSP)

Holy Spirit - Fountain Valley, California

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