Friday, December 16, 2016

St Thomas on the Rites of the Mass - Lectures by Fr Innocent Smith O.P.

On Saturday, December 3, Fr. Innocent Smith, O.P. gave a pair of lectures at the Catholic Center at New York University, entitled “The Rest is Said in Praise to God: Thomas Aquinas on the Rites of the Mass,” drawing on the commentaries on the Mass that may be found in the Scriptum on the Sentences of Peter Lombard and the Summa theologiae. Throughout his writings, St Thomas Aquinas offers profound insights into the liturgy that draw on the thought of his predecessors, while bringing his own to the mysteries of the Church’s prayer. Fr Smith’s lectures focus on the traditional and innovative aspects of Thomas’s liturgical thought within his 13th century context, and also aim to help us to enter more deeply into the liturgy as experienced in its various forms today.

They have just been posted on Soundcloud, and can be heard at the following links:

There are also two handouts which can be accessed through

Our thanks to Fr Smith for letting us know that these are now available, I am sure many of our readers will find them extremely useful and interesting. 

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