Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Monks of Norcia 2015 Calendar

I recently received in the mail a copy of the new calendar of the Monks of Norcia. This 2015 edition is just as magnificent as last year's. Most readers of NLM probably need no introduction to these wonderful monks, who live a simple life utterly faithful to the Rule of Saint Benedict and the liturgical tradition that has nourished monasticism for 2,000 years (and beyond, if we think of the place of the Psalms in Hebrew worship). Their cause is absolutely worth supporting, especially as their number of postulants and novices continues to grow, and as the Church needs more than ever islands of sanctity where the noble vision of St. Benedict and Pope Benedict XVI can flourish.

But those who are shopping for a calendar are, quite naturally, wondering not only if the cause is worth supporting, but if the calendar is beautiful and usefully laid out. In this regard, pictures do speak a thousand words, so I will simply attach a bunch below. The layout of the days, with feasts of the old, new, and Benedictine calendars, and the size and readability make this calendar my favorite for the calendar I keep at home in my kitchen and the calendar we put up on our refectory bulletin board at Wyoming Catholic College.

To find out more and purchase copies of the calendar—they make great gifts, too!—go to this website.

(Some of the photos make the page color look more yellow than its natural white color.)

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