Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Paul Jernberg's Sublime Mass of St Philip Neri : CDs Now Available, Listen to Excerpts Here

A CD of the Mass of St Philip Neri composed by Paul Jernberg is now available from www.pauljernberg.com. Paul is Composer in Residence and Choir Director at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts and Musical Director at St Lucy's and St Monica’s churches in Methuen, Massachusetts.

The whole Mass is sung - so the priest intones, and the choir responds on behalf of the congregation. The recording has been done by the Chicago-based Schola Cantorum of St. Peter the Apostle, under the direction of conductor J. Michael Thompson.

This has been released to rave reviews from his fellow musicians; see for example comments from musicians and bloggers, including our own Peter K at the Chant Cafe, here. Charles Culbreth, a nationally respected choir director and composer, who has been a regular contributor at Chant Cafe and an important voice over the years in the Church Music Association of America commented ‘With the consistency of his expertise with Byzantine homophony, combined with near perfection and sheer genius of the harmonic/melodic construct of Paul Jernberg’s setting, it cannot be just coincidence that Palestrina’s patron bears the dedication of this Mass.’

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