Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Fr John Saward to Speak in NYC this Saturday

A reminder that this year’s Art of the Beautiful series opens this Saturday, October 11th at the Catholic Center at NYU. Rev. John Saward (Oxford University) will discuss The Poverty of the Church and the Beauty of the Liturgy. 
Fr John will consider the answer to the following question: “Is there a place for liturgical beauty in what Pope Francis has called ‘the Church that is poor and for the poor’?” . As usual for these events there will be sung Compline afterwards. He is the author of a number of great books on beauty, culture and art and perhaps most well known is the Holiness of Beauty and the Beauty of Holiness (which has to be one of the best book titles ever).

Other speakers in an impressive line-up of future talks are my colleague Dr Ryan Topping of Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, Thomas Hibbs of Baylor University, Julia Yost of Yale University; Fr Bruno Shah of the University of Virginia and the final speaker in March is Bishop James D Conley from Lincoln, NE.

Talks take place at the Catholic Center at NYU, Thompson Street in Manhattan. Their website, for further information, is www.catholicartistssociety.org/

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