Saturday, June 21, 2014

Historical Images of Corpus Christi Processions

I stumbled across an Italian blog which I think our readers will find very interesting, called Scuola Ecclesia Mater. The author of it has created some very nice and very big collections of images on various themes; here are just a few from two of his recent posts, one on historical images of the Papal Corpus Christi procession, and another on Corpus Christi processions in general.

Giovanni Maria Morandi, Alexander VII Chigi in the Corpus Christ procession held on May 27, 1655, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Nancy
Ferdinando Cavalleri, Corpus Christi Procession with Pope Gregory XVI in the Vatican. (This is the staircase which descends from the Sistine Chapel to St. Peter's Square)
Giovanni Bellini, Corpus Christi Procession in St Mark's Square, Venice.

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