Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vestment Work Seen in Berlin

About a week ago we showed some images from Berlin, Germany and I had commented as an aside that the vestments used had a certain Other Modern quality to them. At the time the best I could offer was to enlarge the photos we had, which only gave a vague sense of the vestments but with little in the way of detail. Since then, the photographer has sent us a selection of these same photos in higher resolution.

I am particularly taken by the coloured, geometric designs in the dalmatic which is simple, original and beautiful. They remind me of some of the vestment work found at the Abbey of Le Barroux.

Here are some further details:

The particular reason I am inclined to show vestments like these is not only because I think they are interesting, but also because I believe one of the challenges we face within the liturgical arts is to resist falling into the pattern of mass produced "catalogue designs" -- what we might even call cliche's.

A great deal can be done with a little imagination, a good sense of colour and a willingness to seek out interesting textiles in the creation of vestments -- and a willingness to think beyond the catalogue styles.

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