Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Calender for Lesser Known Dominican Blesseds

A question from a reader in Poland concerning the celebration of the "lesser" Dominican blesseds who were moved from the General Calendar of the Dominican Order to the local calendars of their provinces suggested this post. It concerns the 1962 calendar of the Traditional Dominican Rite.

Since the Dominican Calendar available for download on the left sidebar of Dominican Liturgy had nothing on these blesseds, I have added an addendum to that calendar listing the blesseds approved for use in the provinces in 1962, as well as those Dominicans beatified from 1962 to the present (the latter marked with *).  The expanded calendar can now be downloaded at Dominican Liturgy.

Although these blesseds would normally be celebrated as "memorials" (an extra collect) only in their own provinces, nothing prohibits celebration of them in other provinces, if there is reason to do so.  And, for cause, they might also be celebrated as feasts of the Third Class, at least in their own provinces.  I might also add that if one of these blesseds has a tomb or shrine in one of our priories or churches, then, in that place, the blessed is celebrated as a feast of the Second Class.  This is parallel to Dominican saints with feasts of the third (or second) class: in the place of the shrine or tomb, they rank as first class.

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