Thursday, August 30, 2012

An Outdoor Mass with a Difference

Often when we think of outdoor Masses we tend to think of events that are not particularly condusive to prayer or to the proper spirit of the liturgy. There are, however, some evident exceptions of course; one of the most noteworthy and familiar is found within the context of the Chartres Pilgrimage.

I mention this because recently one of our readers sent in some photos to us from an outdoor Mass at a Rural Life Conference in Charlton, Iowa. We are told how the priest who coordinated this event took a great deal of time and effort to arrange things such that, despite the outdoor circumstances, would still be befitting the dignity of the sacred liturgy. Having seen the order of service as well, I note that he also prepared a detailed catechesis on the altar arrangement as well as the tradition of ad orientem as it relates to our liturgical history, tradition and theology. Reading it, it is evident that this is a priest who is deeply influenced by Pope Benedict XVI and his new liturgical movement.

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