Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Conference Notice: The Glory of Catholic Architecture

There is a rather promising looking conference being held Liturgical Institute in Mundelein this October 25-26: The Glory of Catholic Architecture - Renewing Tradition, Re-Engaging the Heavenly.

Before I go into the particular details of this conference, please allow me to first tell you about an interesting twist to it:

One of the most exciting features of the conference will be a live design clinic presented before the conference guests in which photos and drawings submitted by conference participants will be chosen to serve as a starting point for design development. Mr. James McCrery will do live design review and suggestions for renovation of existing churches, while Mr. David Meleca will address as of yet unbuilt design plans or sites.

Until October 1st, conference participants can submit photos via email here to be considered as one of the projects to be possibly reviewed at the conference. (I know from my time here at NLM that there is a great desire out there for this sort of advice, so it really is a great opportunity.)

Aside from the design clinic, here is a list of the speakers and the addresses they will be giving at the conference:

What Makes Architecture Sacred?
Fr. Uwe Michael Lang, CO

Church Architecture as Heaven on Earth: 2002-2012
Dr. Denis McNamara, The Liturgical Institute

Process, Problems and Progress: Building a New Church
Duncan Stroik, University of Notre Dame

Ornamental Painting in Churches: Artistic & Theological Possibilities
Mr. Jeff Greene, Evergreene Architectural Arts

Those who wish to register for the conference may do so here.

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