Thursday, August 30, 2012

More Vestment Work: A Conical Chasuble

Continuing on with our consideration of some more unique vestments, I am happy to present the following chasuble which was sent to me by one of our readers yesterday.

As you will see it is in the conical style and the orphreys seem to have a very nice bit of texture inclusive of some sort of pearl like beading. (It is my own view that this sort of very thin orphrey with strong linear qualities works particularly well with the conical form.) The textile itself is rather interesting in its design and the photos would suggest to me that the predominant tonality is gold. (Incidentally, the owner of this vestment is missing some pieces and so would like to know if anyone knows if this same textile can still be purchased anywhere. Please leave suggestions in the comments.)

Quite a beautiful piece of work in my estimation. While not absolutely necessary, this sort of vestment would work particularly well with apparels.

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