Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Guide to the Mass Rubrics

Contrary to the impression given in some places, the liturgy of the Roman Rite in its Ordinary Form is governed by rubrics, the faithful observance of which occasionally invites the charge of "rubricism" from clerics less inclined to "say the black and do the red." Rubricism, of course, is obsessively punctilious anxiety about following the liturgical rules. Like Father Bozo's idiosyncratic impositions, rubricism diverts attention, albeit more subtly, from where the focus belongs: on the presence of Christ and on the mystery of Redemption that is actualized in the liturgy.  Rubrics can be observed faithfully yet unobtrusively and unselfconsciously.

Newman House Press has just published an updated edition of Father Peter Stravinskas's The Rubrics of the Mass, an 8-page "guided tour" of the Sunday Mass (Roman Missal, 3rd typical edition of 2002), with rubrics and explanations for all who participate in the celebration. It sells for $1.50 plus $1.50 shipping and handling, or $3.00 per book. Bulk rates are available as follows: 5 books for $9; 10 for $14; 50 for $40; 100 for $56 (these prices include S&H). To order, call 732-914-1222 or write to: Newman House, 601 Buhler Court, Pine Beach NJ 08701.

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