Monday, April 02, 2012

Note to Readers: Holy Week and Holy Week Photos

We are entering that time of the liturgical year when many of our readers are especially eager to share photos and stories coming from their particular parishes and locales. Of course, we know how much our readers look forward to these views from different parts of the world, and sometimes even of different liturgical rites, and so we're happy to continue to provide this service during this time in the hope that these may somehow be a way of drawing you deeper into the ebb and flow of this the holiest period of the liturgical year.

A practical word of advice: during the midst of Holy Week itself, and in particular during the Triduum, it is particularly helpful if you can send in your photos to us as quickly as possible -- preferably the same day (i.e. Good Friday photos on Good Friday.

This is not always possible I realize, but do not despair if so. We also provide some coverage of the Triduum during the octave of Easter, so you can always send them in for consideration for then as well.

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