Monday, April 23, 2012

Archbishop of Ottawa Celebrates Anglican Use, Receives Two ACCC Bishops, Clergy and Laity into Full Communion

On April 15th, Archbishop Terence Prendergast of Ottawa received into full communion members of the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada (ACCC) from the Ottawa area.

The Catholic Register reports that those received include two former ACCC bishops, about a half dozen clergy and a number of lay faithful.

For the occasion, Archbishop Prendergast celebrated the Anglican Use liturgy as per the Book of Divine Worship within St. Patrick's Basilica in Ottawa. The liturgy was offered ad orientem. (As a personal aside, when I was in Boston a little over a year ago I took the opportunity to visit the Anglican use community there so as to have the opportunity to see and worship within the context of the Book of Divine Worship personally. It was a very moving experience; one which I think many readers of this site would greatly appreciate.)

Photo by Robert du Broy, Archdiocese of Ottawa

Photo by Robert du Broy, Archdiocese of Ottawa

You can listen to Archbishop Prendergast's homily here.

In addition, various stills, video clips and audio clips from this Mass have been put together, beginning with this, the first video:

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