Friday, April 13, 2012

SSPX Nearing Agreement with Holy See?

Over at Rorate Caeli they have done the following English translation of an article from Le Figaro today: Rome and Écône on the verge of reaching an agreement. Here are the first words in the article by Jean-Marie Guénois:

"The signing of a document establishing the relations between the Holy See and the disciples of Abp. Lefebvre is a matter of days. Officially, the Vatican awaits the response of Bp. Bernard Fellay, the chief of the Lefebvrists. As soon as it is received in Rome - "it is a matter of days, and no longer of weeks", - it will be immediately examined. If it conforms to expectations, the Holy See will very quickly announce a historic agreement with this group of faithful, known under the name of "integrists". But unofficially, and with the greatest discretion, emissaries have worked, from both sides, to "reach an agreement". In the past few weeks, the final adjustments have been concluded between Rome and Écône in order to better respond to the demands of "clarifications" asked for by the Vatican last March 16."

Read the rest over there.

As I have appealed only recently: Oremus. I believe such a reconciliation would be of great general good, both for the Society of Saint Pius X and also for the Church as a whole. The Church has something to offer them it goes without saying, but so does the Society of Saint Pius X have something to offer -- a point which I think Don Nicola Bux brought out quite eloquently.

May I appeal to all of you who are reading to re-double your prayers?

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