Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Palm Sunday Varia: Netherlands, Spain, Singapore

My thought had been to wind down our Palm Sunday coverage as of yesterday, but given how many people continue to send in photos, I feel inclined to share as many of these as we can, to show forth the fruits of some of our readers labours -- and also to show some places that we either have never shown before, or show but seldom.

(Please note, with tomorrow being Maundy Thursday, barring anything truly unique, today is likely to conclude our Palm Sunday coverage as we turn our attention toward the Triduum.)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

One email I received shared news of a Palm Sunday Mass at the Seminary of St. Willibrord in the diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It was, I am told, sung fully in Gregorian chant. (I was also rather taken by the chasuble worn, which is in a style which is very typical for the monastic element of the earlier Liturgical Movement.)

Toledo, Spain (Fraternidad de Cristo Sacerdote y Santa María Reina)



A reader from Singapore sends in their Palm Sunday photos according to the usus antiquior:

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