Friday, April 06, 2012

Brief Snippets from Wednesday and Thursday of Holy Week

We have received a number of "Holy-Week-so-far" photos in the past day or so, but in an effort to stay reasonably "in sync" with the ebb and flow of the Triduum itself, I hope to share most of them after the Triduum, during the octave (so continue to send yours in for consideration). That said, I did want to share at least a few tidbits from Wednesday and Thursday now.

Tenebrae, Wyoming Catholic College

As our readers will know, we are always particularly eager to share photos of the liturgical life coming from our Catholic academic institutions. In this case, the institution in question is Wyoming Catholic College. This is the first time the college has had this -- at least in its traditional, sung Latin form -- and for the event, the college commissioned the construction of the tenebrae hearse from a local carpenter.

Maundy Thursday, Prince of Peace Catholic Church, Greenville, SC

Last but certainly not least, here are some photos from Prince of Peace Catholic Church in South Carolina, and our friend Fr. Christopher Smith (who will be no stranger to NLM readers).

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