Sunday, March 08, 2009

Officium Majoris Hebdomadæ Et Octavæ Paschæ

This link has been available for several years, but it might have slipped through the cracks. It is a 1923 book of the entire sung liturgy for Holy Week (not just Masses), published by Ratisbon. One person had a copy and gave it up for the entire world to see - a very inspiring thing.

It is exceedingly rare in its original form, but now printed on demand (takes about one week to arrive). I find it a fascinating book to look through in detail. It is very usable today, with adjustments made for Pius XII's reforms and a few textual changes, and certainly illustrates an ideal to which everyone can strive.

If anyone in your parish is rather stuck in a Holy Week rut--it can easily happen--it is a great link or text to send to illustrate just how vast and detailed the ideal repertoire is. After all, the book is 553 pages! How do these ruts happen? Well, there is so much to do. It is exhausting enough just to make it through, and this is true in every parish. Sometimes, however, the best cure for the blahs is to be inspired by ideal, to see that every amount of effort you apply gets us closer to something ever more spectacular and fitting. It is the loss of inspiration that makes us tired; to be swept up into a world of beauty and spiritual significance is what gives us energy to change and improve.

Incidentally, we had hoped to have this available on Amazon but the funds aren't available to do a large printing yet. Maybe by next year..

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