Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Benedictine Arrangement Spotted in Brasilian Cathedral Basilica

It has been awhile since we have reported upon the growth of the use of the Benedictine arrangement of the altar cross and candlesticks. In great part, this is for the reason that its growth has become something of a given by now -- which is quite something when one takes into consideration that it was only 16 months ago (Nov. 2007) when Pope Benedict XVI began to employ this arrangement, not only upon the main altars of the Roman basilicas, but upon the other altars he has used as well. Today, one routinely hears of priests employing it, and thankfully, even of some bishops.

It is the latter which the NLM is reporting to you today. We were informed that it was recently seen at the Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of St Ann at Botucatu in Brazil on the occasion of the new Archbishop, Dom Maurício Grotto de Camargo, taking possession of that See.

(For those who might wonder, the NLM was informed that the 7th candlestick, traditionally used by the Ordinary, was not present only because there was not a 7th available.)

It is to be hoped that we will continue to see progress in this regard, and with it of course, progress toward a greater restoration of ad orientem liturgicum.

The orientation of the liturgy is a particularly primary matter for the reform of the reform. Alongside sacred music, few other aspects can so powerfully affect the overall character and spirit of the liturgy as the orientation of the priest at the altar.

When considering what elements to give priority to in "reforming the reform", the matter of liturgical re-orientation should be of paramount importance in the both the actions and the liturgical catecheses of parish priests.

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