Thursday, March 19, 2009

14 Ways to Improve the Liturgy

Arlene and I wrote this article years ago--2004 actually--long before all the online resources became available and many parishes adopted the practices we describe here. It now seems less ambitious than the present times call for, but it still holds up pretty well and could do many parishes a lot of good. In any case, Good for Catholic Education for resurrecting it and front paging it today.

By the way, it strikes me that this article illustrates how much progress we've made in 5 years. Many of the suggestions in here are no longer controversial, and I've even seen them in Today's Liturgy and other places in the last year. In fact, there isn't too much in here that today's "progressive liturgist" would find too disagreeable. We often speak of our slow progress but 5 years is not a long time for what was radical to become nearly mainstream.

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