Thursday, March 26, 2009

New NLM Template

As many will no doubt notice, the NLM looks a bit different. This is because I have migrated the site over to the newer form of blog template -- a task I felt was necessary, particularly as the new "widgetted" format has quickly become the standard, and quite soon, I suspect much will be made to simply work with that. Rather than be surprised or be left behind, I determined to act and migrate.


As you will note, I took the opportunity to make some revisions by adding a third column. Some will probably prefer the older template I suspect since I have had to slightly reduce the main article width, but the newer method will give some additional space and flexibility, and also aligns with a fairly standard "news" style template.

The opportunity also arose to modify some of lists in the sidebar, and now that there is more space, given that there are two sidebars, I expect I will make some additions there soon. But while I was at it, I saw some things that could be removed, or which were out of date.

An additional benefit as well is that this double-side-bar allows some of the most useful bits of information (writers, feeds, search, event calendar) to appear at the very top.

New Share Feature

Readers will notice a new "Share" feature which will allow you to share NLM posts by email, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and many other networking tools.

Post Titles Now Clickable Links

A feature that has long been requested, the ability to click upon the post title to get the individual post, has also been added.

Coming Soon: Featured NLM Articles

A final mention should go to a coming feature, which will be a section of "Featured NLM articles" from over the past years, encompassing some of those we consider the most important. This is long overdue.

Tweaks Surely to Come

Be patient however, I suspect there will be some bugs to work out, and I also suspect that I will make some tweaks, even as it appears now.

One item I can see is that the right sidebar appears to take a bit longer to load, so I shall look into this.

Please, any technical feedback about any issues is most welcome. I am interested to know how the new "share" feature will work for you, and also if the new width of the template fits onto standard screen resolutions, or if a tiny bit of the blog is not appearing.

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