Friday, March 20, 2009

A Follow-Up on the History of the Planeta Plicata

Stemming from the recent NLM piece on the Use, History and Development of the "Planeta Plicata" or Folded Chasuble, one of our readers, a Cistercian, noted the following in the comments:
If you can consult bound copies of Art d'Eglise, a journal of liturgical art published by the Benedictines of St. Andre (Belgium) between 1932 and 1963(?) you'll find in one issue devoted to the cut and use of the conical chasuble with pictures of the folded chasuble worn with both the fold in the front and actually rolled up over the left shoulder.
I am pleased to report that I tracked this down at a local theological library. It was found in issue no. 4, 1948, of L'Art d'Eglise (which at the time seems to have been named L'Artisan et les Arts Liturgiques).

Here are the photographs in question that were referred to by our reader.

More to come from this journal, as I managed to find a few other interesting images.

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