Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Inside the Chapel of a Roman Noble: Palazzo Massimo

John Sonnen at Orbis Catholicus has a bit of news that is of some interest, coming from the private chapel of one of the Roman nobles, Prince Massimo, in the Palazzo Massimo:

There is a tradition there where the house chapel of the Massimo's is opened up each year on a particular day, tied to the person of St. Philip Neri, and Mass is celebrated there. (Perhaps some can explicate further upon this in the comments -- those who know more about this tradition.)

Archbishop Burke celebrated a pontifical Low Mass as part of this, and Msgr. Angelo Amodeo, a Canon of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Milan, also celebrated a Low Mass in the Roman usus antiquior.

A few photos of Msgr. Amodeo and the house chapel:

(For our vestment enthusiasts, a detail of the coat of arms on, what is presumably, a chasuble particular to the family chapel)

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