Monday, March 09, 2009

The Colloquium Playlist is available

The preliminary playlist is online for the Sacred Music Colloquium, June 22-28, 2009.

As you will see, a massive amount of effort is involved here in just planning an event of this size and scale. The Mass schedule begins with an English ordinary form, with propers drawn from the many resources newly available online and the work of Fr. Weber, as well as a chant setting by Ted Marier, and two English motets.

The next day is Mass with Cardinal George as Celebrant, and its will be a chant Mass using Mass IV, along with propers from the authentic Gregorian books. Two motets will be sung, both Victoria and Josquin. The next day the colloquium polyphonic choirs defer to the women's choir at St. John Cantius, but conclude with a piece by Brahms.

The Holy Hour is next with Victoria and Pierre de la Rue.

The schedule continues with an orchestral Mass by Josef Haydn along with motets by Victoria and Palstrina, and Gregorian propers. The Vespers service that evening will feature the music of Di Lasso.

On Saturday, Jean Brudieu (16th century) will receive its first public hearing in North America in a Requiem Mass that concludes with another piece by Victoria.

Finally, on Sunday a polyphonic choir will sing the Mass for Five Voices by Byrd, along with motets by Byrd, Handl, and Victoria.

At first glance, it seems impossible that 250 volunteers who have never sung together, many of whom have never sung either chant or polyphony, can make all this happen. The Holy Spirit makes it happen. I've seen it for several years. The results are spectacular and life changing. Yes, we hope to have recordings of all things up as soon as possible.

Here are many sound files from last year.

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