Monday, March 02, 2009

Chant in Guadalajara, Mexico

Have a look at this wonderful opportunity, which is more evidence of the emergence of the new international song for Catholic peoples.

Guadalajara, Jalisco, MEXICO. 23-28 March 2009.

The Autonoma University of Guadalajara and the Gregorian Society of Mexico, A.C., with the support of the International Association for the Study of Gregorian Chant, will hold the “First International Week of Gregorian Chant,” 23-28 March 2009, in the lovely city of Guadalajara, Jalisco. There will be 6 days of cultural activity dedicated to the “sacred music par excellence,” which shall include conferences, recitals, an introductory course with Professor Rafael Martinez, an intermediary course with Dr. Herminio Sanchez de la Barquera, and an advanced course for teachers on semiological interpretation given by Professor Nino Albarota, who recently received an honorary doctorate from the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome (PIMS).

Introductory Course: designed for all those who desire to know, value and sing Gregorian chant. It is desirable that they have some knowledge of musical notation. The cost is approximately $110 U.S. (1600 mexican pesos).

Intermediate Course: designed fot those have begun a study of Gregorian Chant, and who desire to go deeper into study of musical style and interpretation. The cost is approximately $135 U.S. (2000 mexican pesos).

Advanced Course: designed for those who have degrees in Music, those with advanced studies in Gregorian Chant, directors of choirs who include or desire to include Gregorian Chant in their repertoire. The cost is approximately $160 U.S. (2400 mexican pesos)

Recitals: All choirs are invited to participate with their Gregorian repertoires in the various recitals which will take place in the metropolitan area. The number of choirs will thus determine the number of recitals.

Conferences: A team of experts will expound the “sacred music par excellence,” to the general public, as well as increase the knowledge and interest of musicians of the Church by this supreme model.

- All courses will be conducted in Spanish, though oral translations may be possible for a group of foreign speakers.
- The cost of the course will include for each participant the course material of each level- a Graduale Triplex, for the Intermediary and Advanced Courses; a Liber Cantualis and a Cantus Selecti for the Introductory Course.
- After having signed up, the participant of the Intermediary and Advanced Courses will receive notice by email of the pieces upon which to work during the courses. The participant will be required to study them, so as to make the most of the class time in the analysis of interpretation. On the day of registry, there will be a brief exam on these pieces which will have to be passed so as to enter the desired course.
- Two concerts are scheduled for two nights- Friday the 27th, and Saturday the 28th. Certificates of particpation will be given, without exception, after the final concert. The participation of all students at both events is required.

For more information please contact:
LCG. José María López Ventura
Presidente de la Sociedad Gregorianista de México, A.C.
(52) (33) 3648-8824 ext. 32678.
From the US, 011-52-33-3648-8824 ext. 32678.

To speak with an English speaking representative please contact:
Rev. Jonathan Romanoski
skype: “Romanovius”

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