Tuesday, March 10, 2009

50,000 Signatures of Support for Benedict XVI

The following update came in today from the organizers of the petition signalling support for Pope Benedict XVI in his efforts to bring the SSPX to some sort of rapproachment with the Holy See, beginning with the lifting of the excommunications.

When last reported, the petition had 38,000 signatories and the public support of three bishops. Not only has the number now grown to 50,000, six bishops are now to be found upon the list, as well as other abbots and religious superiors.

The translation below is an NLM translation.

50,000 signatures!

On Tuesday, 10 March 2009, the letter of support for Benedict XVI (www.soutienabenoitxvi.org), [which was] only published on the Internet, has collected 50,000 signatures...

It brings together Catholics from all nations, of all ages and all states, who wished to thank the pope for having lifted the excommunication of the bishops of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X and express their common prayers and sentiments to the Holy Father, [even] though criticized by some hostile media in recent weeks.

Aged 42 years on average, these signees have indicated the figure of some 92,000 children demonstrating the vitality of the Church of tomorrow. Since February 2, when the site opened, they were sponsored by a committee, which now has more than sixty people including six bishops, six Benedictine abbots, and several superiors general of religious societies.

The list of signatories shall be sent to Rome to be delivered to Pope Benedict XVI.

The site: www.soutienabenoitxvi.org

Continue to spread this link to all your contacts!

Congratulations to the organizers.

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