Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Maltese Society of Church Model Enthusiasts

A propos of the recent post on altar models (An Incredible Tool for Teaching the Mass and its Ceremonies), a Maltese reader sent in some information about Ghaqda Dilettanti Mudelli ta' Knejjes - the Society of Church Model enthusiasts in Malta (website). As our Maltese friend informs us,

The society was founded in 1986 to promote the traditional hobby of Church models and to promote all that is connected with our catholic historical and artistic tradition. It issues a magazine every two months for its members. An exhibition is held annualy. The society has many members, as this is a traditional hobby. In the past most homes would at least have a devotianal shelf, or a model of the altar of their parish Church. Many have small copies of their patronal and titular saints. This art has been much revived in the last twenty years.

Here are some pictures from their site:

Our friend also sent a picture of his own personal church model. He writes: "This particular altar is a 19th century example. Unfortunately none of its original decorations have survived, and I have replaced them. The crucifix is 19th century (papier mache) and was manufactured in Lecce."

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