Monday, January 26, 2009

St. Willibrord's: Archbishop of Utrecht and Ad Orientem

Speaking of the use of ad orientem in the context of the modern liturgy, a North European reader wrote in yesterday to inform the NLM that, yesterday, January 25th, the Archbishop of Utrecht, Msgr. Willem Eijk, re-consecrated St. Willibrord's church in Utrecht, a church which had been separated from that Archdiocese since the 1960's, but which recently repaired that schism. (For more of the background on this, see the original press release -- in English translation -- provided here and also see here.)

The church was put under the auspices of the Dutch Society for Latin Liturgy, and Masses are regularly celebrated ad orientem in this church. Both forms of the Roman liturgy are also offered.

Yesterday, for this occasion, the Archbishop offered Mass in accordance with the modern form of the Roman liturgy and it was offered ad orientem.

(A beautiful view of the interior of this spectacular church)

(The Archbishop of Utrecht, celebrating ad orientem in St. Willibrord)

More photos of the event may be found here.
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