Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rumour Watch: Cardinal Pell to Head Congregation for Bishops?

Via Rorate Caeli, in turn via the French paper Golias, comes this rumour:

French ultra-"Progressive" religious weekly Golias reports on possible replacements for some important heads of dicasteries who have reached the age limit or will reach it soon.

Cardinal Re, Prefect of Bishops, reaches the age limit next January 30. Other rumors are included in the article, but none so interesting as this one: Golias reports that it "should be known that one of the most mentioned names for the Congregation for Bishops is that of the ultra-Conservative [sic] Cardinal George Pell, of Sydney".

The original Golias article may be found here: Vatican: l’OPA des tradis sur la curie (Loosely translated: "Vatican: The Takeover of the Traddies in the Curia")

The article also discusses the recent appointment of Cardinal Antonio Canizarès Llovera as prefect of the CDW.

It goes without saying that the appointment to the prefecture for the Congregation of Bishops is an extraordinarily important one, and the appointment of Pell (or someone like Pell) to that post would be very good news.

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