Monday, January 12, 2009

Sung Mass in Latin

I've waited nearly a year for this. It is the group Cantores in Ecclesia, one of the most extraordinary liturgical vocal ensembles in the United States, with a recorded sung Mass, start to finish, in Latin. The chant is undoubtedly perfect.

The CD is Inclina Domine. It is volume two, a follow-up on the extraordinary success of "O Lux Beatissima."

I haven't heard it yet, so a full review is coming when my copy arrives. But based on the quality of this group and the precision of the conductor Dean Applegate, I think we can be very sure of its quality.

Note too that this represents yet another step for the Oregon Catholic Press into the world of chant, and not some chant sampler but the full thing: a complete sung Mass in Latin. This is really a wonderful development that I'm quite sure will turn out to be beneficial for everyone: OCP, Cantores, and the entire Catholic Church.

I look forward to the day, which is surely coming, when Cantores records a full cycle of Masses, not only in chant but also in their other area of specialization: the polyphony of William Byrd.

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