Sunday, February 04, 2007

Where does the Motu Proprio stand? Ricard's thoughts

[From La Croix, an excerpt (in unofficial translation) of an interview with Cardinal Ricard. The majority of the piece pertains to the Institute of the Good Shepherd and the diocese of Bordeaux. The following comments below pertain to the Motu Proprio being studied.]

Interviewer: The September 8 decision [to create the Institute of the Good Shepherd] caused a shock wave in French Catholicism and many questions remain in connection with the possible motu proprio liberalizing the Tridentine Mass. You are a member of the Ecclesia Dei Commission in charge of this case in Rome, the Holy Father, will he really pursue this path of reform?

Cardinal Ricard: Benedict XVI wishes to continue the work of reconciliation with these priests and faithful who left full communion with the See of Peter (in
particular the SSPX). He also raises the question of a "liberalization" of the Tridentine Mass. The Pope has in his hands all the elements of the file. He is taking his time before making his decision on a question of this importance.

[Original Article: La Croix]

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