Monday, February 12, 2007

Some spare liturgical treasures

I just received a spare copy of "The Westminster Missal" from the Henry Bradshaw Society. (A cloth hardcover book). This is a reprinting of the entire Missal of Westminster (a Roman use) and is over 1000 pages. I had just received review copies of a few titles of the HBS published by Boydwell and Brewer, this title inclusive. I will review these in the coming months, including The Westminster Missal.

Obviously I don't need this second copy however, so if anyone would be interested in donating toward this copy so that I might put the amount toward a Dominican Missal I am trying to acquire (but which is only on hold for a couple of more days), do email me as soon as possible.

The book retails at $180.00 in the Boydwell edition, but I'd like to get $100 USD (plus shipping) for the spare copy I have to put toward that missal.

Incidentally, I still have that spare copy of the Breviarium Monasticum as well for $150 USD if anyone is interested. It isn't pristine, but still a good, useable copy.

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