Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Should Catholics Blog?

[I wanted to note for folks that we should be careful to read who is writing a particular blog post. This blog is a group blog, made up of a number of writers. As such, some interpreted this piece by Michael Lawrence, one of the bloggers at the NLM, to mean that the NLM wasn't going to be blogging for the entire season of Lent. Michael has chosen to do such as part of his own Lenten spiritual exercises, but as for myself, Jeffrey Tucker, etc. we will be continuing to blog here at the NLM throughout Lent, Easter and on through Pentecost, etc. I edited out the last paragraph of Michael's note about his Lenten sacrifice simply so that this confusion might be avoided in other readers. - Shawn]

No, says one writer. Be sure to read this for yourself. While I'm not entirely convinced by his arguments, I do think that R.J. Stove has brought up some serious issues to think about. I think NLM has avoided many of the traps that are mentioned, but this should not excuse us from an examination of conscience.

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