Saturday, June 11, 2022

More on Holy Week: My Interview with Timothy Flanders on The Meaning of Catholic

About a half-an-hour ago, I finished an interview with Dr Timothy Flanders on the YouTube channel The Meaning of Catholic, returning once again to the topic of the 1955 Holy Week reform. I make bold to say that those who have followed my work on this subject over the years will find this interesting; it covers some ground which I have never written about. I refer a few times to an 18th century so-called rationalist liturgical writer named Claude de Vert; readers can find more information about him on the blog of our good friends at Canticum Salomonis. I’d also like to thank Dr Flanders for his time and our enjoyable conversation.

As was the case with my interview last month with Jeff Cassman, this was done partly in response to an earlier interview with Mr Louis Tofari of Romanitas Press on the same subject. Mr Tofari and I disagree very strongly on this matter, and some of what I say in this interview is in reply to what he says in his. I will only comment that once again, he assiduously avoids almost all concrete discussion of the reform itself in its specific details, which, as Cicero himself noted a very long time, is the best kind of rhetorical feint to employ when one finds oneself defending the indefensible.

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